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Dixie Lake

Past Exploration

In the spring of 2006, Grandview gold drilled 5 boreholes totalling 1032.7 metres. In 2005 Grandview gold also drilled 16 diamond drill holes totalling 2,765 metres.

The 88-04 zone was discovered by Mutual Resources Ltd. in 1988 while testing the geophysical anomalies. The zone was identified by a strong Max-Min (HLEM) conductor, characterized by a northwest trending linear magnetic anomaly. A VLF-EM conductor, strong chargeability, and elevated resistivity in Time Domain IP surveys also characterize the zone. A joint venture between Alberta Star and Fronteer further identified the 88-04 zone, which comprises a northwest-plunging shoot of enhanced Au. Mineralization was encountered in the 88-04 zone in the form of visible gold and grades exceeding 1 oz-m/t.

Grandview acquired the Dixie Lake property from Fronteer Development Group Inc. Prior to Fronteer, the Dixie Lake property was owned by Perry English, a prospector. No environmental liabilities are known to exist on the property.

Dixie Lake property - previous exploration activity prior to Grandview Gold Inc. involvement

Dixie Lake property - geology and geochemistry
Company Year(s) Description Property/Area
Belgold Mines 1945 Prospecting Dixie Lake property
Caravelle 1969-1972 Mapping Dixie Lake property
Teck 1989 Mapping Dixie Lake property
Canadian Golden Dragon 1996 Humus geochemistry Selected areas around IP anomalies, Dixie Lake property
Alberta Star/Fronteer 2004 Mobile Metal Ion survey Dixie Lake property, focus on 88-04 zone
Dixie Lake property - trenching
Company Year(s) Description Property/Area
Belgold 1945 Trenching A, B, C, D, zones, Dixie Lake property
Mutual Resources 1988 3 trenches, rock sampling North, Main, and South showings, Dixie Lake property
Canadian Golden Dragon 1997 Stripping south trench area Dixie Lake property
Dixie Lake property - geophysics
Company Year(s) Description Property/Area
Caravelle Mines 1969 Airborne mag, EM - 1/8 mile line spacing Dorothy Prospect - covers much of current Dixie Lake property
Golden Terrace 1985 Airborne Mag, EM Dixie Lake property
Mutual Resources 1988 Ground Mag, VLF-EM, Max-Min-31 - 33 line km Central region of Dixie Lake property
Teck 1989 217.5 line-km, 25 metre stations on 100 metre spaced lines Portions of Main and South Grids, Dixie Lake property
Teck 1990 IP - 1.7 line km, airborne Mag, EM - 244 line km at 200 m line spacing Extensive airborne survey, covers the Dixie Lake property. Three IP test lines on the property
Golden Dragon 1996-1997 IP - 153.6 line Km at 100 to 200 metre line spacing Large portion of current Dixie Lake property
Alberta Star/Fronteer 2004 Ground Mag 88-04 zone

Modified from Lee (2006)

Other activity performed on the property comprises geological mapping, airborne- and ground based geophysical surveys, and geochemical surveys (Table 3). Outcrops are scare on the property, thus, most drilling targets have been obtained by geophysical methods that include: airborne magnetic and electromagnetic surveys, ground magnetic, VLF-EM, horizontal loop/Max-Min EM and IP. The conducting rocks mainly comprise iron formation, graphitic argillites, and sulphide-bearing (pyrite and/or pyrrhotite) argillites, and mafic volcanics.

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