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Dixie Lake

Deposit Types

At the Dixie Lake property, the type of deposit sought is similar to those found in the mines of the Red Lake camp.

The Company believes that, there is no significant change in adopting the position that the target at Dixie Lake remains silicified shear-zone hosted gold within a zone typified by high strain. A slight modification if any is to emphasis slightly more, the role of pre-existing fold geometry, the relative intensity of strain & original 'basinal' topography & stratigraphy.

On a partially related note, it appears that the primary target for mineralisation could be either chert or iron formation or chert-argillite, rather than any, for example, mafic-volcanic-sediment interface. Most intersections within the 88-04 zone and arguably in all of the South & Main zones are hosted by iron formation. The drilling of the MMI target(s) in the East this Fall, suggests that any target there, as with the stratigraphy in the far West, would be the iron formation.

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