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Social Governance

Historically, the quest for precious and base metals has trumped the need for social responsibility. Today however, thanks to a more invested, socially responsible industry and the participation of a highly motivated, enlightened investor community, social standards for and performance by the mining industry have improved. Canadian mining companies, known as the blue berets of mining, are among the most respected in the world and as such are most-often welcomed by foreign governments and affected stakeholders. Grandview Gold, with its globally and politically seasoned management and board of directors, is unique among Canadian resource companies, affording the company authentic understanding of foreign policy, and access to stakeholders.

Grandview Gold management and board of directors are committed to the following guidelines with respect to Social Governance:

  • Maximize commercial and shareholder interests without compromising natural or social environments.
  • Respect the integral environmental and social values of people living and working in the communities in which Grandview operates.
  • Consult all levels of elected and aboriginal governments affected by or associated with Grandview projects.
  • Adopt best environmental practices as they become available through emerging exploration and development technologies.
  • Whenever possible, improve local and community infrastructures to best benefit local resident and commercial populations.


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