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Red Lake Gold District

Past Exploration

The Red Lake Mining District has been explored intensively, though not extensively since the 1930's.

Two of the best known, richest and lowest cost production mines are the Campbell and Red Lake Mines. The mine complex was opened in 1948 and has since produced over 11 million ounces of gold worth over USD$7 billion at today's prices. Annual production exceeds 600 000 ounces gold per year. Worth approximately USD$450 million.

Despite Red Lake's long history, the most prolific discovery was made just ten years ago. Dickenson Mines Ltd. had been successfully operating the Arthur White Mine in the region since 1948 and was acquired by Goldcorp in 1989. After applying advanced science and contemporary perspective to the former Arthur White Mine site and surrounding area, and implementing an impressive exploration program, Goldcorp made one of the highest grade gold discoveries in the world, averaging 9.08 ounces of gold over 7.5 feet on nine drill holes.

Since Goldcorp's discovery, Red Lake Mining District real estate has elevated to blue chip status and the pace of exploration has followed suit.

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