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Corporate Presentation

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Investment Highlights
  • Outstanding Capital Structure
  • High Probability of Economic Viability
  • Low Political Risk Environments in Canada and the United States
  • High Potential Gold Targets
  • Blue Chip Management & Geologists
  • Undervalued Market Capitalization
  • Advanced Geology, Geochemical, Geophysical and Field Intelligence

Corporate Overview


Grandview Gold is a junior gold-producing mining company headquartered in Toronto, Canada, with an equitable approach to the creation of exceptional value for shareholders.

By balancing sustainable small-scale mine development and gold production, with traditional major gold camp exploration, Grandview enters the new decade with reduced dependence on the capital markets and a cash-flow positive appreciation for shareholders. By mitigating risk and maintaining focus on the generation of funds through gold production and sustainable development of Grandview-owned and optioned projects, the company sets itself apart from other juniors.

Currently, Grandview has highly-prospective early and mid-stage gold exploration projects within North America's pre-eminent gold camps, including the Red Lake Gold Camp in Ontario, Canada, and the emerging Rice Lake Gold District in Manitoba, Canada. Through its whole-owned subsidiary Recuperación Realzada S.A.C., Grandview is developing a gold-producing, small-scale mines property in Northern Peru.

Grandview management shares a long-term, responsible approach to the acquisition, exploration and development of gold properties. Shareholder value appreciation is planned for through the exacting execution of a disciplined and profitable growth strategy. The small mines concept, together with traditional exploration provides a strategic balance between potential and capital growth; between the blue sky of highly-prospective properties in major gold camps, and the cash flow positive small-scale mining opportunities that reduce the companies dependence on the vagaries of the public markets.

As the mining industry expands beyond traditional borders, new opportunities emerge for Grandview to build portfolio and capital equity by joining forces with foreign national, regional and community governments focused on sustainable mining. By contributing advanced geological sciences, modern processing infrastructure, and a cooperative and mutually-beneficial development model to emerging mining districts, the company can more quickly become cash-flow positive, improve the quality of life for developing communities, and build on its 80-year legacy.


  • Maintain a well-financed exploration program and accrue no debt.
  • Maintain strong institutional, retail broker and private shareholder participation.
  • Focus only on highly-prospective gold exploration properties.
  • Acquire and bring to production small scale mining opportunities in qualifying, politically-stable environments.
  • Reduce dependence on capital markets.
  • Maintain a seasoned management team and blue chip advisors.
  • Support an aggressive value appreciation strategy.
  • Reduce exploration risk and increase economic viability.
  • Engage leading-edge field and boardroom intelligence.


Most of the world's wealth remains hidden below the surface. Junior exploration companies focused on discovering and developing that wealth to economic advantage, rely on the traditional cycle of funding for exploration, followed by additional funding for additional exploration, with the end goal of qualifying and quantifying the property for acquisition by a major producer. Grandview management believe that, the cycle can be shortened and better managed by becoming a junior producer - that is, through the planned acquisition of cash-flow positive, gold-producing properties with strong blue sky potential and a built-in propensity for capital independence and community benefit.

Mitigating risk by exploring emerging gold districts, reducing dependence on capital markets by integrating cash-flowing small mines properties into the company portfolio, Grandview management has created a sustainable formula for planned growth and shareholder appreciation.

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