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Red Lake Gold District

Deposit Types

Four core types of ore bodies are found in the Red Lake Mining District.

The first are carbonate veins consisting of ferroan dolomite, as well as quartz containing disseminated arsenopyrite and native gold. The gold occurs with fine-grained quartz and arsenopyrite.

Second, major ore bodies occur as quartz-arsenopyrite replacement zones occurring as irregular sheets and lenses within mafic volcanics. It consists of fine-grained arsenopyrite and quartz with minor pyrite and pyrrhotite, and is characterized by severe brecciation and silica replacement.

Third, most of the gold is linked closely with the pyrite and sulphide replacement bodies consist of disseminated pyrite and pyrrhotite occurring in the mafic volcanics.

Finally, quartz veins containing free gold associated with small-scale shear zones are found within intermediate to felsic intrusives.

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